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(not only for the faithful)


Religion may be distant to many, as they solely believe in themselves. Yet, at times, this belief wavers, leaving accomplished and purpose-driven individuals perplexed, unsure of which path to follow. We can offer assistance even to those individuals. This is when one requires a place to pause, reflect, assess, reevaluate, unwind, retreat, and yet engage in discovery, conversation, and rejuvenation.

For years, our hotel has been organizing pilgrimages not only for the faithful but also for those who embark on this journey for reasons beyond religion. These are three-day programs that provide an opportunity to momentarily escape the routines of daily life and engage in self-reflection. The atmosphere is remarkable, fostering the formation of friendships, with recurring groups who set out on the journey together again in the following year.

Upon request, we also organize longer, multi-day pilgrimages for groups, tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

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