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Mariazellerland, a gift from heaven

So say the locals, and how true they are. We find ourselves in paradise upon arriving here. The city and its surroundings offer a plethora of sights, activities, and pastimes. The stunning natural features harmonize with extraordinary human creations, captivating buildings and structures.

The Basilica's magnificent collection, the exhibits of the ethnographic museum, the lumberjack adventure park, the apothecary, the liqueur distillery, the gingerbread-making workshop, the quaint chapels and churches, the local museums, and more, all envelop us in a tapestry of vibrant experiences.

We aim to assist our guests in diversifying their time spent with us. Alongside physical activities, outdoor exploration, and sports, we provide opportunities to delve into the rich historical heritage and cultural treasures of the region.



Landmarks of Mariazell

Mariazell is primarily known as a place of pilgrimage. For centuries, pilgrims have come here to pray to Mary. Its most famous building is the Basilica.



This distinctive three-towered church is a symbol of the city. It harmoniously combines elements of Gothic and Baroque architecture, with its altar crafted by Fischer von Erlach. Inside the basilica, you will find an exceptional collection of religious artifacts and a museum that should not be missed. Multilingual guided tours, including Hungarian, are recommended to fully appreciate its significance. The church also holds Hungarian connections, as it was built by King Louis the Great in the Gothic style, and the tomb of Cardinal Mindszenty was once located here before his remains were transferred to Esztergom after the regime change.

House of Traditions


This museum showcases the lives of rural people and lumberjacks from over 100 years ago through its 25 exhibition rooms. Visitors can learn about folk customs and extinct crafts, taking a genuine journey back in time.

Magnus Rock (Ursprungsfelsen)

Legend has it that this rock blocked the path of the missionary Franciscan friar Magnus Klause, who was carrying a wooden statue of Mary. However, through his prayers, the rock split open, allowing him to continue his journey. Later, he built a cell for the statue within the rock. The origins of the city and its name are traced back to this event. A marked hiking trail leads to the rock.

Both in Austria and Mariazell, preserving and nurturing traditions are of great importance. Visitors can observe several small workshops in the city where craftsmen produce their products using traditional methods. In today's fast-paced world, it is a delightful sensation to step back in time.



In the Mariazell apothecary, one can experience the atmosphere of the early 20th century. Guided tours are available, providing insights into the production of healing products using natural ingredients and herbs.

Arzberger Liqueur Distillery


It is worth visiting to witness the production of the digestive bitter made from 33 different herbs, and one can also have the opportunity to purchase packaged bottles of this healing elixir.

Pirker Gingerbread Bakery

Pilgrims used to bring food with them for the long journey, and this gingerbread bakery has a history spanning 300 years. After touring the bakery, it is recommended to take some of these delicacies home.

Holy Well (Heiliger Brunnen)


The water from this well is believed to possess healing properties, and pilgrims often take it home with them.

Mechanical Nativity Scene: Located in a private house on Calvary Hill, this unique nativity scene depicts 12 New Testament scenes with a total of 130 moving figurines.

Museum Tramway (Museumstramway)


The world's oldest steam tram can be seen at the Mariazell railway station. The authentically restored carriages evoke the ambiance of the 19th century. During summer weekends, tourists can take a steam locomotive-driven train to Erlaufsee.

Mariazell Railway: This narrow-gauge railway spanning 85 km offers a romantic journey between Sankt Pölten and Mariazell. It is an unforgettable route that passes through the Ötscher mountain range, also known as the Austrian Grand Canyon. Sankt Pölten itself has numerous attractions to offer visitors.



The 1,267-meter-high mountain of Mariazell can be reached on foot or by cable car. It offers a wide range of activities throughout the year. In addition to the breathtaking views, visitors can enjoy skiing slopes, toboggan runs, a lookout tower, and an adventure park. During summer, the "Bergwelle" event series entertains visitors every Friday with concerts combined with laser shows.

Holzknechtland Adventure Park


Located on Bürgeralpe, this park and museum showcase the lives of lumberjacks and the forest. A small train and a petting zoo await young visitors.



The highest point of the Mariazell region is located in Lower Austria. The 1,626-meter-high mountain can be reached by chairlift, offering a magnificent panorama of the surrounding mountains. It is a popular skiing destination in winter, and during summer, visitors can descend the mountaintop on a scooter. Helmets are mandatory, and the activity is suitable for children aged 8 and above.



The crystal-clear lake of Mariazelland. It is an excellent spot for swimming and water sports.



The 88-kilometer-long Salza River, well-known among whitewater enthusiasts, originates near Mariazell. Several hiking routes intersect the area, and fishing permits are available for trout fishing.

We have gathered the points of interest within a radius of 100 km. Upon your arrival at the reception, we shall gladly assist in curating a bespoke itinerary at your behest.

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